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Juliet Thibault - Painter

Everyone’s past is a product of what they are today, including trees. The wood grains of a tree are the heart of it.  Each grain line tells a story of this tree’s life.  And like our lives, one year is great and the next you’ve hit rock bottom.  The landscapes I create are mostly from the emotions and tribulations of a chaotic life, yet are very peaceful.  There is energy I capture from thought, emotion and everyday life that serve as the basis of a storyline in each piece created. The grain of each panel of wood I pick up serves as the inner soul of the artwork and presents a sense of foundation.  I see movement in the grain lines and create movement in the trees and leaves to remind us that although we are all so very busy, we can stop and enjoy the beauty that is around us.  I try to bring nature inside the home.


I utilize different mediums including oil and encaustic paints to create depth, texture and variety. I thinly use a modern oil palette to push my aspect of painting through the fascination that comes from the intricacies of the tree.  From each wooden panel I draw inspiration from organic forms.


Each organic landscape has a true meaning of what it is like to be free, to be hidden and revealed again.  It dictates where certain parts of the painting should go.

ape has a true meaning of what it is like to be free, to be hidden and yet revealed again.  In the same sense however, the foundation and grain also controls me.  It dictates where certain parts of the painting should go. 


Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Juliet graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2008.   A landscape artist with an expressionistic view, Juliet wants her viewers to experience a personal connection with nature. She believes that each of us have a connection with the organic hidden beauty that she is drawn too in her work. I create art so that people can view landscapes and the world around us differently. 

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